I'm curious... like or reblog this if you've been the victim of someone's passive aggressive vague blogging posts. Since when did actually communicating to your partners if there is an out of character problem become something so little people do anymore? Vague blogging, passive aggressive posts about a partner you're mad at do NOT solve anything they only make everything worse. I want to see how many people have been the victim of this and WANT it to STOP.
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Hmm. Say two people of the same exact age (but are underage) RP'd smut, who would get in trouble?
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They could both get in trouble.

Me and my best friend roleplay often and one time we actually roleplayed smut. We both talked about it and we're both okay with it, but we're both "underage". Is it illegal, even though we're both the same age and same gender? I know them irl too
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It is still illegal, even if you are both underage.

Does kissing count as smut? Or is it only smut when sex actually happens?
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Smut is sex.

I'm at a loss. I roleplay off of tumblr on another website and know 18 and up in age roleplayers shipping and such with those as young as 14-15. Some do the fade to black on nsfw and say it's okay that way and do not understand the website follows US laws. We're all friends there, but this situation feels very wrong. Would I be out of line for reporting them for this?
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Reporting them to the website could have repercussions that go beyond being banned; maybe even a criminal investigation. I say "could" and "maybe" because I’m not 100% sure, but it is a possibility. It would not necessarily be “out of line” because it is illegal and the website does operate under United States jurisdiction.

Ignorance is not a valid excuse. 

If they are part of a group, message the admin and talk it over. Make a PSA explaining that because the website follows United States laws, smutting with minors is illegal. Shipping is not necessarily illegal in itself, as long as they ‘fade to black’ before anything sexually explicit or avoid smutting altogether.

What's your opinion on asking someone why they unfollowed you? Not in a way to guilt someone, but just genuinely being curious about why?
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Personally, I don’t like it and I’m against it.  I never (intentionally) unfollow someone without a reason to do so, and sometimes I do not feel comfortable with  having those reasons disclosed, There does not always have to be a “why.

Now, if I were friends with someone and I saw that they unfollowed me, I would be inclined to ask why. Similarly, if a friend asked me why I unfollowed them I would be more inclined to respond and work it out. It could have been an honest mistake. 

There's this one RPer that I honestly IDOLIZED and who inspired me to get back into roleplay in the first place, but I feel like they don't like me. They're always RPing with my best friends and other people that I RP with, but they never RP with me. I tried RPing with them once but they almost immediately killed off my character and that kind of gave me the idea that they didn't want me around... What should I do?
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Just because their character killed yours doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t like you, or that they don’t want to roleplay with you. I play/have played some very dangerous characters, and their tendency to be confrontational has little to do with my own opinion of the mun or their muse(s).

But, if you truly believe that they do not like you… My advice is to unfollow them and cut your losses. You cannot make someone like you, and sometimes there is nothing you can do to change their opinions. It may not even be any fault of your own- some people simply do not click well with others. Move on. 

There are a few people who I absolutely do not want to roleplay with due to their spelling/grammar being terrible, their OCs aren't interesting, or they just bug the heck out of me, but I honestly don't have the heart to tell them I don't want to roleplay with them or to blacklist them. What do I do?
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Well, to start, you do not have to roleplay with anyone. Regardless of your reasoning, you aren’t obligated to roleplay with anyone that you don’t want to roleplay with. If they express interest, politely, yet firmly, decline. Speak up- if you don’t want to roleplay with them, tell them. Don’t string them along.

Also, you don’t have to blacklist them unless the need arises. (Ex: they cannot take “no” for an answer)





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can somone whose mother language isn't english still roleplay in english?
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Of course. There are many bilingual roleplayers.