I’d like to address the importance of reading a character’s information/about/rules page before interacting. I’ve seen a few people on my dash talking about this, so here we go-

  • It is a common courtesy. If someone takes the time to write it, it’s there for you to read it. I’m sure that if you have one yourself, you feel the same.
  • Not everyone plays their characters the same way and sometimes there are different versions of the same character. In the case of characters that have multiple incarnations ( comics, movies, and/or books ) this is especially important. Sometimes there is a BIG difference between a comic version of a character and a movie version of a character.
  • There are many, many, many, many characters who are, in at least one way, AU or different than the canon norm. The character might dress differently. They might have distinguishing features like scars, or maybe a different hair color than what’s canon. The blog might be set before or after a movie/book/etc.
  • It is very important to know what the character looks like. Does s/he have long hair? What color are his/her eyes? How tall are they?
  • When someone assumes something about the character and states it in their post, it puts the roleplayer in a bind. They can choose to go with it, or they can correct the inaccuracy of the post. Either way, it does get a little old, and it can be pretty inconvenient at times.
  • It’s nice to know beforehand if the character has a headcanon or has a history with the character that you’re playing with. ( Something might have happened in previous roleplays that changes that character’s perception of yours. )
  • It is always important to see whether or not the character is in a relationship and if the roleplayer multiships and/or has multiple universes. What are the mun’s stances on shipping, or relationships in general?
  • Everyone roleplays differently. Some people roleplay in script, some people roleplay with paragraphs, and some people exclusively do multi-paragraph roleplays.
  • Not everyone tags their posts; NSFW or otherwise.
  • It is important to know someone’s policy in regards to OCs ( As in, if they are willing to incorporate your character’s backstory into theirs, etc. ) and characters from different fandoms.
  • Not everyone is willing to roleplay certain things. ( Smut, violence, kinks, etc… )
  • Additionally, it’s also important to know whether or not the mun and muse are of legal age.

If you don’t have an about page, information page, a rule page, or something similar, you should really make one, regardless of if you’re a canon character or not. There really is no way that someone can be expected to know these things unless they’re stated somewhere.